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How it works

Henning Staffing, Inc. engages clients with well-defined processes for each service to help them win the war in cyber security talent acquisition. Every search and project are unique, so we tailor our service models to have an agreeable strategy that best suits our clients’ needs and delivers desired results.

We initiate every engagement with needs analysis meetings to clearly understand your challenges and determine an agreeable strategy to overcome them. During those meetings we will discuss in depth the required leadership, technical and soft skills as well as the personality profile to fit your culture. As a direct result we will have a well-defined execution strategy, position description, performance objectives, and an employer value proposition to attract the passive candidates with a proven background to accomplish your goals. Our approach provides transparency to best manage expectations through every step which results in higher employer brand, quality of hire, candidate satisfaction, while reducing the time-to-fill, number of interviews, and offer rejection.

We then execute the defined search strategy by leveraging our trusted network of relationships with top cyber security professionals across the US to gain referrals and proactively engage exceptional passive candidates daily. Each potential candidate is thoroughly vetted in our proprietary screening process which we will present a shortlist of candidates to begin the interview processes. We handle all the logistics for interviews and based upon your preferences we participate in each interview phase until a selection has been made. After a selection has been made we assist you with the offer presentation, acceptance, onboarding, and integration. Lastly, we conduct a post placement review session with you to gain feedback.

Our services have a replacement guarantees to ensure satisfaction!